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Who is Tim Dobson?

Another busy week, but more due to long hours at work than for fun reasons unfortunately! Paul and I went to watch Bridesmaids mid-week though and had a lovely meal at Wagamama beforehand. Their Raw Salad starter is one of my favourite dishes from a High-End Chain and I get ridiculously virtuous cravings for it now and then – it definitely hit the spot!

Our other non home-cooked treat this week was a huge plate of Fish and Chips! After getting absolutely drenched watching the British Open golf on Saturday and spending 2 hours getting home we wanted some comfort food. Nothing ever beats fish and chips with mushy peas, along with a huge cuppa! Mmmm!

On to the meals cooked this week. First up was Tim Dobson’s Prawn Pasta from Olive Magazine, August 2011 (p.11) – no idea who Tim Dobson is, but his pasta was pretty good! It’s a very simple pasta recipe but very tasty, particularly as I don’t normally go for creamy sauces. The prawns were the best component – I cooked them in garlic oil first (as the recipe requested cooked, peeled prawns and I only raw, frozen ones) and they then get marinated in lime juice before being added back into the pasta with cream, spinach and Parmesan. KB rating 7/10. PR rating 7/10

Tim Dobson's Prawn Pasta. Olive Magazine, August 2011

Finally this week I made Chicken Saltimbocca with Green Beans and Shallots from Olive Magazine, August 2011 (p.52). Not sure how authentic this recipe is for Saltimbocca but it was definitely good. It involves flattening chicken thighs before adding sage leaves and wrapping them in Parma Ham, then sauteeing in butter and finishing them off in the oven. This was served with green beans and a simple shallot sauce (with a white wine and stock reduction). I also served this with crushed new potatoes. I liked the recipe but would probably alter things a little – Paul suggested that the sauce would be better served on top of the chicken rather than through the green beans and I agree. I also think chicken breast would work better than chicken thighs here – I love chicken thighs but in this recipe I’d have preferred the texture of white meat instead. KB rating 7/10. PR rating 7.5/10

Chicken Saltimbocca with Green Beans and Shallots. Olive Magazine, August 2011


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Meatballs, Stir-Frys and Roasts

Well this week I’ve cooked a lot less than usual – Paul and I were only at home together one weekday this week due to various plans (including me watching Take That – screeeeeam!). However, I cooked two meals worth noting.

The first was Pork, Lemon and Herb Meatballs with Orzo Sald from Olive Magazine, August 2011 (p.50). We’ve had some hit and miss meatball recipes over the last year but this one was an absolute winner! Really simple recipe but somehow it tasted way better than the sum of its parts – in the meatballs just pork mince, red onion, lemon and parsley with LOTS of seasoning. It’s served with an orzo and rocket salad (though I omitted the rocket and just had the orzo with red onions, lemon and oil) and a herbed yoghurt. I made a huge batch of the meatballs and they lasted us for 2 huge portioned meals! Really light, simple recipe and one that I’d definitely do again. KB rating: 9/10. PR rating 8/10.

Next was Sticky Ginger and Chilli Chicken from Delicious Magazine, August 2011 (p.29). Despite some good marinade ingredients, including soy sauce, lime juice, garlic, ginger and ketjap manis (I love the fact I have this in my cupboard, and it takes little encouragement for me to find a recipe to use it up!), this stir fry didn’t really meet the ‘sticky’ brief in the recipe title. I’m not sure if my wok isn’t good enough, but I had the oil heating for ages to ensure it was smoking hot, but somehow this seemed to steam and the sauce was barely noticeable. No sticky coating on the chicken which I wanted. Good flavours, but I think my own stir fry recipe is better! KB rating 6/10. PR rating 6/10

That’s all for this week – hopefully I’ll get a chance to try out some more recipes next week!