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Food thoughts, recipes and billowing smoke from a home cook's kitchen in London

About Me

This blog aims to be a reminder for all my culinary exploits – both at home and in restaurants. I love anything related to food, and have subscriptions to various monthly food magazines. I also have a compulsive disorder in buying new recipe books that I clearly do not need, or have room to store. But because of all these wonderful recipes on hand each month, I tend not to cook things more than once…because I totally forget what we’ve eaten. So this blog was originally designed to become my own personal cookbook. I try to ensure I link to any online version of the recipe, and I always reference the recipe’s source, but over time I hope to use this site as my own searchable recipe archive!

To give you a bit of background about me, I’m a 32 year old living in East London. Originally from Bolton I moved down South over 9 years ago and have been enjoying all that London has to offer ever since! I live with my boyfriend and we eat out most weeks. I also love to cook and spend a lot of time in our little kitchen rustling up various recipes – some more successful than others!

You’ll notice that there’s a couple of ratings at the end of most recipes – KB is me, PR is my boyfriend. It seems that I have to cook something VERY impressive to get a 9/10 from my other half (let alone the elusive full marks!), but I’m ever hopeful! In honesty, I think if I just handed over a pint of Guinness I’d be closer to a 10/10.

In terms of food inspiration, I love anything by Nigella Lawson. I may as well confess my absolute love for her and her approach to food! I also enjoy Nigel Slater and his take on ingredients – anyone who writes a cookery book with chapters dedicated to potatoes, sausages and bread is a winner with me! I am making it my mission to try all the good Spanish restaurants in London too – and there’s some corkers! Jose on Bermondsey High Street and The Opera Tavern in Central London are some current favourites. But I’d say that I’m an equal opportunities cook and eater – I enjoy most cuisines and trying out new recipes or ingredients. But I don’t eat lamb, and I have an intense dislike for apricots (I consider them a smug fruit).

I work as a Project Manager in a creative and marketing services department for a large company. And I just can’t help project managing my cooking (and our food shop) like a military operation! I think I’m the only person who writes out their shopping list 3 times and ensures it’s in full aisle order… But it does mean that I force myself to cook something new every week and not rely on the old classics too much

Outside of my obvious food-related hobbies I love cross-stitching, reading, cinema, theatre and music. My boyfriend and I recently bought our first house, so I’m also learning to love studying paint swatches and furniture magazines. And finally I love gin. More than is natural, really.

Thanks for reading a bit about me – hope you enjoy the recipes.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Found you, Mrs! Gonna have a mooch round your blog, especially the cakes and baking part 🙂 Hope you’re well! x Gill B x

  2. Hi

    I just thought you should know there is a girl on Facebook who is trying to pass what I believe to be one of your bakes of as her own. Coffee and Walnut cake.

    As a very amateur baker I thought you’d like to know.

    • Hi Kathryn – I’m so sorry I never replied to thank you for bringing this to my attention. This blog has been languishing, but I’m about to get back on it! I’m not on Facebook, but my husband asked the user to take the photo down which they did. But I see it’s back up again. Very weird – not a particularly good photo, to be honest! Thanks again.

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