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An Embarrassing Confession


Katie's Nemesis

Katie’s Nemesis

Well, in terms of food in the Reidbury Kitchen, it’s been a pretty boring week. PR has been struck down by flu and I’ve been uninspired to cook anything for myself. Instead I’ve just wanted simple, tasty food – and what is more simple than Boiled Eggs and Soldiers? But I’ve realised something which has greatly upset me. I can’t boil an egg. I’ve tried – THREE TIMES. Each time, I get excited as I get my soldier and go for the first dip, expecting the soft, oozy yolk to blend perfectly with my marmite soldiers. And each time, it’s like trying to dip toast into concrete. You could throw these eggs at the wall and they’d just bounce right off. To rub real salt into the wound though, if I ever want a hardboiled egg, it’s under-cooked. So I can only state, that for a food blogger, I can’t cook an egg. Awkward.

I actually blame Delia on the soft-boiled egg front. I always remember my Mum adding eggs to a pan of cold water and bringing it up to the boil. So I googled this, and Delia does indeed say to add your eggs to a small pan of cold water, with water about quarter of an inch above the eggs. Bring to the boil and then reduce to a simmer for 3 mins for a soft boiled egg. This is an outright lie. I’ve tried this multiple times now and even cooking for 2 mins the eggs still are overcooked. I’ve now lost confidence, but the next time I broach boiled eggs I am going for the tried-and-allegedly-tested version of adding eggs to already boiling water.

But for now, I can highly recommend hard-boiled egg sandwiches on marmite toast. I’ve become all too familiar with them…

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2 thoughts on “An Embarrassing Confession

  1. It’s always hit and miss for me too haha. And don’t even get me started on poached eggs!

  2. I cheat with poached eggs – I use those silicone pods! But there’s no easy cheat with boiled eggs. Grrr!

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